Time course of procedures during rapid sequence intubation (RSI)

The procedure timeline for Rapid Sequence Intubation (RSI), which is used to safely place an endotracheal tube in patients, can be described as follows:

  1. Preparation and Inspection of Equipment: Inspection and preparation of all necessary medical devices and medicines. Equipment includes laryngoscope, endotracheal tube, sedatives, neuromuscular relaxants, aspiration materials, ventilation system and other necessary equipment.
  2. Preoxygenation: Oxygen is delivered to the patient via high-flow masks to achieve maximum blood oxygen saturation before intubation.
  3. Premedication : In some cases, drugs for sedation, suppression of bradycardia, suppression of cough and emesis are applied as needed.
  4. Sedation: Application of sedative drugs to reduce the patient’s consciousness and ensure muscle relaxation.
  5. Sellick maneuver: Pressure is applied to the cricoid cartilage to reduce the likelihood of regurgitation of gastric contents.
  6. Neuromuscular blockade: Use of drugs to achieve muscle relaxation.
  7. Endotracheal intubation: Placing an endotracheal tube directly into the patient’s trachea.
  8. Tube Position Confirmation: Checking and confirming the correct position of the endotracheal tube by auscultation, measurement of exhaled carbon dioxide, X-rays or other methods.
  9. Fixation of the tube: After confirming the correct position, the tube is stabilized to stay in place.
  10. Post-Intubation Care: Begins care for the patient after intubation, including monitoring vital signs, ventilation, and administration of medications as needed.
  11. Transport of the patient : If necessary, the patient is transported to a health facility with appropriate supervision and medical care.
  12. Continuous monitoring: The patient remains under continuous medical monitoring during transport and after intubation.

Note: The time course may vary depending on the clinical condition of the patient, the specific procedure and the preferences of the doctor. This is a general overview of the key steps in the RSI process. “RSI is a procedure that requires a certain amount of time to prepare and carry out. The algorithm with a series of actions is attached for reference.”


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