Opening the airway in case of suspected injury

Opening the airway with this technique is performed on people with impaired consciousness and can also be used when there is a suspicion of an injury to the head, neck or spine. If necessary, it should be performed by another person who will stabilize the patient’s head and neck.


Personal protective equipment – including protective gloves, and in case of coughing or exposure to bodily fluids, a protective mask and goggles.


Apply personal protective measures. You can perform this manipulation in different positions, but it is best to lay the patient on his back and, if possible, kneel over his head. Without moving the patient’s head and neck, gently place your palms on the patient’s face, gently pressing the area of โ€‹โ€‹the hand below the thumb (thenar eminence) on the patient’s cheekbones to maintain the head in a neutral position. Place the middle and index fingers behind the corner of the patient’s lower jaw on both sides, push the lower jaw forward and up. Then place your thumbs on the patient’s chin and apply downward pressure to further open the mouth (see Figure 6). Document all procedures in the medical documentation.

IMPORTANT: After performing this manipulation, simple auxiliary devices can be placed to maintain airway patency. This manipulation can also be useful when placing the i-gel, as it increases the space in the throat where the i-gel sits.


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