I-gel, supraglottic airway device

If a i-gel, supraglottic airway device is being placed during cardiopulmonary resuscitation, it is very important not to interrupt chest compressions for this purpose. Airway management procedures should be performed simultaneously with chest compressions. After placing the supraglottic airway device, its effectiveness should be checked immediately. During two ventilations, auscultate breath sounds on both sides of the chest in the mid-axillary line and observe whether the chest rises. It is advisable to also place a capnograph, which provides useful information about the effectiveness of ventilation and cardiopulmonary resuscitation as a whole.

IMPORTANT Since all supraglottic airway devices are placed “blindly,” without visualizing the larynx, in the case of ineffective ventilation, always consider the possibility of FOREIGN BODY. In this case, visualize the larynx area with a laryngoscope (see the Endotracheal Intubation chapter) and remove the foreign body using Magill forceps and/or aspiration.


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