Eye injuries by chemical means

What to do in case of an eye injury caused by chemicals and how to wash the eyes:

  1. Remove the injured person who has been exposed to the chemicals from the contaminated area.
  2. If the person is unconscious, follow the specific instructions on the product label. If he recommends using an antidote, use it.
  3. If the person has been sprayed with aggressive chemicals, remove their clothing and decontaminate them by showering.
  4. If the person is standing, decontaminate by directing a stream of water directly into the eye. Use clean, washed hands to hold the eyelids of the injured eye open.
  5. Flush both eyes alternately, and the duration of flushing should be as long as specified in the first aid instructions for the particular chemical.
  6. If the person is unconscious, make sure that water does not enter the respiratory tract during decontamination. Lay the person on his back and rinse both eyes alternately. Monitor the injured person’s vital signs.
  7. After rinsing is complete, do not apply ointments or solutions. Instead, place clean, sterile gauze over your eyes.
  8. If there is no running water nearby, you should fill the container with water. Teach the injured person to submerge their head in water and blink to wash away the chemical.

Follow the directions for the antidote as listed.

If the person is unable to do this on their own, lay them on their back and pour water into the open eye. Make sure the water runs down your cheek and not into the other eye.


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