Administration of oxygen with a tank mask

Using oxygen with a reservoir mask it is possible to achieve oxygen concentrations in the range of 85-100%. The one-way valves on the mask allow the patient to inhale only oxygen or a gas mixture from the mask, therefore it is essential to completely fill the reservoir with oxygen before installation. During the use of the mask, the tank must be filled at least half way, and oxygen should be applied at a rate of 10-15 l/min. The patient’s exhalation lifts the light plastic covers from the side holes on the mask, allowing the exhaled gases to escape.


Personal protective equipment, including gloves, and, in case of coughing or exposure to bodily fluids, a protective mask and goggles. Oxygen cylinder with flow meter. Oxygen mask with reservoir and one-way valves of appropriate size (see equipment).


Apply personal protective measures. Check the amount of oxygen in the cylinder and ensure that the pressure is within the allowable limits. Introduce yourself to the patient if this has not already been done, explain the reasons and procedure for fitting the oxygen mask. Attach the mask tube to the flow meter extension, set the flow to 15 l/min, close the part between the mask and the reservoir with your thumb and fill the reservoir. Place the mask over the patient’s mouth and nose. Place an elastic band around the patient’s head, above the ears. Record all actions (see section Medical documentation).



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